Assignment 2 Pitch

Kanye West is not your average celebrity. Since releasing his debut album in 2004, Kanye has sky-rocketed past the limits of global fame and at only 36, he has already become an iconic figure of the 21st century. Immortalised by the media, Kanye’s journey to fame has been as hilariously controversial as it has talented.

I propose to create a curated feature that brings together Ye’s most iconic traits, quotes and moments – presented in the style of a recipe.

Over the past 10 years, Kanye has introduced the world to many branches of his personality, as well as his raw musical talent. These factors will make up the ‘ingredients’ for the recipe. For the recipe’s method, I am planning to incorporate links, videos, audio and pictures, complimented with light-hearted text, to display Kanye’s ever-detouring journey towards ‘iconhood’ and the self-proclaimed label of ‘God’.

The feature will be 800 words in length with a wide variety of media integrated into and around the text.


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