Reflection 6

I feel creating a pitch is hugely beneficial to the creation of an article for many reasons. For example, it helps to make a solid decision on which direction you want the article to take. It helps to create an idea of the article’s content, sources and outcome for both the journalist and the editor who is receiving the pitch. The editor’s response to the pitch is even more important than the pitch itself as it will inform the journalist whether the idea is publishable or not – before they get a chance to compile the article.

I feel smartphone use hugely benefited the material gathering stages of my assignment development. For my primary sources I contacted them via Twitter using my iPhone, and began conversations over e-mail with sources using the same platform. Quite a lot of background information for the information came from reading articles and documents on my phone also.

Above is a link to the Mirror’s coverage of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby back in May. The story includes footage taken  from a passerby’s mobile phone. This footage quickly went viral and gave the story a whole new level in which the murderer explained his reasoning for the attack before the police were called to the scene. Footage like this is very rare and is only possible due to the emergence of smartphones.


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