Reflection 7

Curation is very important in the digital age as it allows for journalists to take any form of sources, be it videos, links, audio, images etc. and create a story surrounding them. This is not only incredibly easy to do in the digital age through programmes such as Storify, but is also what a lot of consumers look for in journalism, as links break up the story and add more levels to it – as well as offering reliable backup for whatever is being said by the journalist.

I feel the main reason list articles are so popular is because they are easy to consume. Normally fronted by images and very little text, list articles can be read understood in seconds by the reader. List articles can also take on many forms, from informative lists such as ’10 Best Present Ideas for Men’, opinion-lead lists from trusted reporters such as ‘The 10 Best Songs of 2013′, or tongue-in-cheek list articles and light hearted articles such as ’10 Funniest Pugs in Costume’.

I feel I have progressed well so far with the first assignment. I am having trouble obtaining sources for quotes, but feel I may be setting my goals too high as I would love quotes from MPs, but they clearly have better things to do! I think I have done a significant amount of research that will help me create a strong fact filled article.


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