Reflection 8

The feedback I have received in workshops has helped me create a better understanding of the layout a digital article should take. It has also helped me massively in terms of sources. As I have been having trouble contacting primary sources – or rather had trouble with them contacting me back – the feedback I have received has managed to help me find sources that I wasn’t aware of before, and that will hopefully be willing to contact me.

I feel I’ve managed my time pretty well over the past weeks. It obviously could improve, and hopefully will do in the future, but I think I have put a sufficient amount of time into my articles, especially the first digital assignment.

If I could go back to week one and give myself advice for the module, it would be to do each task and reflection as they come and not wait until 8:40pm on the night of the deadline to upload missed reflections onto the blog… maybe my time management isn’t as good as I had thought!


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